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    Grid-based 3D map maker

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  • The Coffee Machine

    Dr. Bright + SCP-294 fanfiction based on the SCP Stories

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  • Daisy

    Survive the desertic wasteland with your robo-friends

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Game under maintenance: The Coffee Machine new backend! article thumbnail

Game under maintenance: The Coffee Machine new backend!

As I write this, it has been some hours since our game The Coffee Machine has been under maintenance, why? you may ask... First, for those who don't know, The Coffee Machine is a videogame about the SCP-294 a paranormal coffee machine dispenser that can serve any drink you type. Of course this...
Welcome to Master Pose! article thumbnail

Welcome to Master Pose!

Hello and welcome everyone to the Master Pose website! Here you can expect to learn about new releases, exclusive content, tutorials and all kind of resources if you yourself are a game developer. Master Pose has been rebranded, new colors, logo, identity and a refreshed spirit for the upcom...

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