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The Coffee Machine



Based on the stories of the SCP Foundation, this revolutionary game puts you in the role of Dr. Bright: a mad scientist testing SCP-294 "The Coffee Machine". Request every thing you can think and drink it! Why not? You're immortal (and MAD).

Start playing this game with +??? drinks OMFG!

Or cooperate in the forum for adding more drinks or any crazy idea. Every time you play the collection of drinks expands! Controls:

  • Use the mouse.
  • Double click to drink.
  • Drag and drop the drinks to the trash to get rid of them.

TRIGGER WARNING: SCP stories happen in a dark and depressing universe with creepy and absurd creatures and also, many times, satirical/dark jokes. With the same logic, this game should not be taken seriously.

Currently you are looking at the English version. You can change your language

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