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We are an indie game development studio based on the hearth of the Mexican jungle. Founded in 2019, currently run solely by Luan Himmlisch. We make weird games, unique experiences and sometimes educative content.


  • Entertainers.

    We seek to make funny and entertaining videogames without putting barriers to imagination.

  • Thinkers.

    We find ways to promote the use of logical thinking and creativity all across our games and videos.

  • Educators.

    We teach and learn with our community over Youtube and Twitch, with talks and tutorials about the fantastic world of indie game development.

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Luan Himmlisch

Hello there! I'm the programmer and, at the moment, the sole member of Master Pose.

I started making games as a child with the name of ICG Software but on the 17th of July of 2019 after realizing that this dream of mine could be possible, I founded Master Pose with the goal of being a real indie game studio.

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